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Construction of a Residential Home for the Mentally Handicapped in Lemgo, Wiesengrund 2

The site on which the project was developed is situated in Lemgo. The property situated at the crossing of "Vogelsand" and "Wiesengrund" is surrounded mainly by residential buildings. Public transport is easily accessible from here.

An existing application planning for the ground plan design of the residential home for the mentally handicapped was taken over for further planning.

While the interior arrangement had to be taken over unchanged due to already granted subsidies by the Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (LWL), the outward appearance of the three storey building was completely revised.

The building consisting of basement, ground and first floors provides a home for 18 handicapped people of which each two share a bathroom. Therapy and common rooms as well as a shared kitchen are available to all occupants.

For two occupants a "practise flat" was realised with a separate entrance, bathroom and kitchen.

The L shaped complex frames the garden and terraces averted from the street.

The partially recessing areas alternately consisting of clinker and plaster surfaces make the facade appear lively.

In order to emphasize the main entrance area and to give a pithy accent to the building, the lift shaft was painted in a warm red. The same red was used for the emergency staircase. All plastered surfaces, painted in a warm sandy colour, are in harmony with the dark clinker surfaces.

The balustrate elements made of high-grade steel and the clinker surfaces emphasize the horizontal lines of the building. These design elements were placed in order to additionally stress the corners of the building and hence link the facade levels.



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