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Lemgo Langebruch

Raising of the administrative building of the FH Lippe & Höxter (University of Applied Sciences) in Lemgo, Langenbruch 23 (today Hochschule Westfalen-Lippe)

The existing 3 storey building was extended by an extra floor in order to create additional office rooms and a spacious conference room.
The conference room towers above the existing floor space und allows a view over the City of Lemgo.
The horizontally profilied aluminium facade and the design of the roof using aluminium panels convey an integrative and architectural upgrading.

Steel construction with wood frame walls and aluminium panelling with horizontal profiling for the facade, one sheet roof construction with a roofing of standing seam panels made of aluminum.
Extensive measures concerning fire prevention were introduced.

An additional lift and the extended staircase allow access to the newly created spaces.

The building operations were carried out while the building was continously used for its administrative functions, therefore additional security measures had to be applied.


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Lemgo Langebruch
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